Shopping in France: A guide to supermarkets and DIY stores

We all love shopping in France, from popping to la boulangerie for your daily baguette to browsing a DIY store seeking goodies for your new French property. This page provides a rundown of the names of French shops that you are likely to come across when out shopping in France, from specialist suppliers to big name supermarkets and DIY/homewares stores.

Specialist shops commonly found in France:

Antiques shop – un magasin d’antiquités (an antiques dealer is called un antiquaire)

Bakery – la boulangerie

Bookshop – la librairie

Butchers – la boucherie

Cake/pastry shop – la pâtisserie

Cheese shop – la fromagerie

Chocolate maker – le chocolatier

Chemist – la pharmacie

Clothes shop – un magasin de vêtements

Cobblers, shoe repairer – la cordonnerie

Department store – un grand magasin

Estate agents – l’agence immobilière

Fishmongers – la poissonnerie

Grocery store – une épicerie

Hardware/ironmonger – la quincaillerie

Jewellers – la bijouterie

Launderette – une laverie automatique

Market – le marché/les halles (indoor market)

Music shop – un discaire/ un magasin de disques

Newsagents – la maison de la presse

Post office – un bureau de poste/La Poste

Shopping centre/mall – un centre commercial

Tobacconists – un tabac (you can also buy French stamps here)

Wine merchants – un marchand de vins

Supermarkets in France

Here is a list of the main supermarkets (called a supermarché, otherwise called a hypermarché if they are larger), usually found in commercial zones on the outskirts of towns. You can also buy petrol at some of these. Such stores do not usually close for lunch and often stay open until 8 pm or later, even if other shops in the building close earlier.

There is a very wide range to choose from, but inevitably your preferred supermarket for a weekly shop in France will be dictated by price, preference and and location. Click on the company name below to find your preferred store (a French postcode may be required).



Hyper U / Super U


Carrefour (smaller stores are called Carrefour Market)

Intermarché (owned by Les Mousquetaires)

Leader Price


Franprix (owned by Casino Group)

Netto (discount supermarket owned by Les Mousquetaires)



DIY stores in France

Here is a list of the main DIY stores (le magasin de bricolage) found in France, usually in commercial zones on the outskirts of towns. For smaller everyday household items, try the more traditional quincaillerie(hardware shop) which you may find on the high street in smaller towns or large villages.

Mr Bricolage (click on Votre Magasin, top right, for a list of stores)

Brico Dépôt


Brico Marché


Leroy Merlin




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