Ile d’Yeu


The island of Yeu, which became a permanent island around 5000 BC, concentrates in just 23 km2 a diversity of landscapes.

long sandy beaches and dunes held with the help of coniferous woods ; a wild coast with its proud cliffs, embracing golden sandy coves ; barren moors where sea thrifts shiver under the wind ; sunken roads crossing anticlinal valleys or skirting cliffs ; marsh and “bocage” countryside and its numerous parcels where houses with low tiled roofs and colourful shutters are snuggled behind the foliage of willows and sloe trees.



Known for a long time as the 1sttuna fishing port of the Atlantic coast, the island has still a very active fishingsector. From the piers are discharged many fish : sea bass, monk fish, hake, sole, turbot, sea bream and others, not forgetting different kinds of shellfish.

With its 5000 inhabitants of which a quarter are under 25, the island of Yeu stays a highly welcoming and alive island, strongly caught by this sea fever which impress all, and sea lovers, when stopping over, even if just for a day.

As it is said here “Oya deux jours, Oya toujours” (“Oya a day, Oya forever”)


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