5 things I wish I knew before going to France

It‘s not leading the pack in regards to Adventure Travel or Voluntourism, but if you‘re looking for an unparalleled experience into the arts, food or a general appreciation for quality of life, France is not to be missed.

If France has anything, it has a reputation. Depending on you who talk to, Paris is either the “City of Light” or something, well, not quite as passionately enthusiastic. Any way you cut it, there‘s nowhere in the world quite like it.

Unfortunately, we‘ve received plenty of pleas to take caution with your personal goods, as pick-pocketing is seemingly moving beyond petty theft to a national pastime, but we still feel privileged to bring you five (and a half) pieces of Parisian travel advice from those in the know

Un. Compliment the French

… on the way they look, on the food, on the way they look, on the glass of wine you’re drinking, and on the way they look. Otherwise they will curse at you. They love to hear wonderful things about their country.
Conversation Corps , Randy LeGrant

WorldNomads:If you’re unfamiliar with the language the set lunch menu is a great way to order. But watch out for the prix fixe faux pas that could leave you out of pocket.

Deux. Don’t leave valuables in your rental car in France

Visiting the countryside: Persons traveling by rental car should always be aware to NOT leave valuables in plain sight when parking in tourist sites and villages. Aix en Provence, for example, is a must see but also one of the worst for petty theft by criminals praying on rental cars. The best advice is to just take all valuables from a rental car, don‘t leave anything important inside. So, leave luggage at the hotel first before visiting!
Discover France, Loren Siekman

WorldNomads:Sadly being a tourist makes you a target not just in lovely Aix en Provence. Find out where the other crime hot spots are in France, and stay clear of the crooks.


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